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Crowdfunding and Blockchain Marketing Solutions for STOs

Why BCMGuru?

At BCMGuru we work hand in hand with our clients and partners to transform your business. In the complex Blockchain landscape, we simplify the process of implementing the technology and give you the expertise, resources and networks you need to accelerate success and drive your business vision. We will manage every aspect of the journey, from consulting, strategy, legal, design, development, marketing activities and fundraising, to exchange listings in a fully compliant manner. Let us transform your business and help you get blockchain right. We guarantee that you will experience a different kind of agency relationship when working with us.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to drive results and revenues for our clients. At the core of it all, our founding team works smart to provide significant value throughout the entire project journey, from initial consulting, to fundraising, introductions, and token usage in the Blockchain space.

  • Our Vision

    We deeply believe in the enormous benefits that Blockchain technology offers and our goal is to help businesses understand the usage, implications and regulations of Blockchain. We work to transform businesses by implementing the right Blockchain solution and build an ecosystems with the relevant stakeholders.

Our Services


We implement a consulting and collaborative approach when rendering our advisory. Our experts will work actively with key stakeholders to understand your needs and craft and execute an ideal strategic Plan of Action that meets your business goals. Our team will gather deep insights of your business by engaging in thorough discussions with you and by diligently researching the market, trends and competitors. We will then provide a Proposal outlining the Fundraising Methodology and provide you with a Marketing Plan of Action along with the Tokenomics Model for your business. We follow this up with execution of the Token Issuance Plan, marketing and fundraising strategies, development of the ecosystem, platform set up, and token listing.



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BCMGuru is your turnkey STO and IEO solution provider

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